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Paris La Defense


Getaway International 

Looking for a jaunt over the pond?  Want an adventure down under?  How about the wonders of Asia?  Wherever your imagination desires we can get you there!  See you on the other side of the world!

Colorful Beach


Looking to get away to the sun and sand, the Caribbean and Mexico are just the place for you.  Let us find that perfect Island, inform you of the details you need before the travel and work with you so everything is as desired.  It could be a special occasion, a trip to the warm sun or even just a friends getaway, we work with them all.



Would you like your next vacation to be exciting and unique? Then our Romantic Getaway is a great choice — offering luxurious accommodations and loads of opportunities to explore and discover something new. Incredible memories await you with our exclusive Romantic Getaway offer. Learn more by giving us a call.

Back Massage


You work really hard all year long, so why not pamper yourself once in a while with a vacation? Take a real break with our Spa Package. Give us a call to guarantee your spot and rest assured that we’ll take care of everything so that you can start vacationing from the moment you book your tickets.

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