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When you are ready to go with the Extrodinary

We are members of the Affluent Collection which helps us connect with those trips that are above the norm.  From a Crystal Cruise to the Fairmont Hotels, locations such as the Tahitian Islands and other exotic places you have dreamed about and are finally ready to go to.  

Contact Us now so we can work with you for that trip of a lifetime, or maybe it is just the first of many!

The Affluent Traveler

Greenbelt Travel Services, a proud part of The Affluent Traveler Collections, is an elite group of travel advisers who comprises one of the most knowledgeable networks of luxury travel specialists in the world today. Our dedicated consultants can arrange unique travel experiences to the most beautiful and hospitable places around the globe. In addition to our extensive knowledge and personal expertise, our luxury travel advisers can provide clientele with exclusive upgrades and amenities, expanding the value they receive on their travel purchase. 

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